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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Spotted Owl Youngblood

So what do you do when the Owl seeks
I hear so many differnt things.
I know there is a very thin line
within the balance.
With the Owl meicine is it not neassery
to know all seven direction? Even to dance in the underworld.
My Name is Jina Spotted Owl (Cherokee)
I walk the good Red Road WaDo & many Blessings

Dylan The Owl Seer

These owls keep entering my life after prayer. I keep seeing owls in many forms, illustrations, sculptures, and the actual animal when I ask spirit for guidance. Yet I am having a difficult time understanding the message that is being brought to me.


I followed a giant Owl last night in my dream. It turned and faced me, I was not afraid, but I could not believe how big it was, huge. Like a owl I have never seen before, almost with a hawk-like face. There were other people around it, but no one saw it but me. All day I have been plagued by this dream and frightened. Writing about it now, I feel I may know what it means. Please help me if you may also have ideas. I know this is a message. Was I Iooking at myself?


I just got a phone call from a collection agency regarding a huge outstanding bill for some surgery I had 4 years ago. I was almost devasted by it until I realized that my insurance company is responsible for it and that there is nothing I can do about it but tell the agency to get the money from the insurance company, period. I felt an enormous sense of relief.

Just then, I saw 3 huge gray and white owls (I thought at first they were chickens or cats) hoo hooing and looking right down at me from the roof of one of the condos in my complex. They flew to the roof of my building, and I followed. They continued their hooing and I swear! looked right at me.

To Angela, I did not feel afraid when I saw these birds- I felt enormous relief. I felt like I knew what really mattered. I don't know if I'm making a statement, asking a question, or answering one. I'm just still in awe of these birds.


tonight, as i rushed to get blankets for the protection of my garden from winter's first intense chill, I heard a grand rustling above my head. as i looked up, i saw the giant spanning wings of an owl as it took flight. after riding atop the eagle, it takes some time to get used to the smell of the warm wet earth.


Dreamed I was in the Arkansas hill country where I stayed as a youth, once again watching a roadrunner race through a gully.
Later under a big oak tree I became aware of an enormous white owl perched overhead, and pointed it out to my woman who hadn't become aware of its' presence overhead. The owl was huge, and bobbed feistilly as it returned our gaze, scary in its' power and mein, but increasingly as friendly as such a powerful seer can be. He flew slowly away after a low swoop towards us, seeming to impart secret knowledge silently.


Dear Friends and Family,

The spirit will guide you to who you are. I am of Native descent actually registered to one western tribe. Not ashamed to mention just not ready. I would like to know more about Owl Medicine. The reason is: I have never collected owls personally but these gifts keep coming of owls. Fantastic pictures, statues, matts all w/owls from many different places. My birth totem is the snake but a couple of weeks from the owl. If you have any information please e-mail me. Please no new agers Red Roaders okay. Thanks


what does a dying white owl mean in dreams?


Well its hard to explain at this point of my life, but ill try. this is about a white owl:
I was in the hospital for a week because of asma and had a horrible time with needles countless quemicals and all of that you can imagine. after all this experience I returnedto my cabin at farellones mountain. it was snowing that night, with my friend and my mother who was giving me the ride up there. light up the fire place and started warming the place up had some food, tea and went to bed. next morning I get up from my bed and look thru the big window in my room and see this huge white owl as soon as I look at him he turns his head and looks at me and then flyes away, I wasnt scared or exited I was just contemplating this and then Iput the sheets back in my body and continue sleeping. altho I have no idea if it was a dream or "real" after that my life changed completely. I started saying stuff that nowadays I have no idea what I was talking about, had sciquic powers (could feel what others where thinking or feeling) and had all this info on me about god and light and of that spiritual seekers seek.I started geting confused I had no idea what was happening to me,I was like some kind of Jesus or mistic for a week, and the next weeks the power was lower and lower untill it disapear and didnt remember very much of the wisefull things that "I" said in that week. I steel can feel what other people are thinkink and feeling and I can also modulate their thinking about me. now not that intensly and profound as in those weeks. any ways, there is no giant white owls in chile neither exist white owls.
I just wanted to share my experience and really hope that someone helps me with understanding all this that happend to me, o and also if some one else had a similar experience PLEASE let me know. Much love to everyone.

pd: sorry for the bad english spelling "im from chile"

shakaia Myers

i had an owl experience last week. I was driving to the hot springs for the weekend and on the drive I passed a barn owl that was dead on the side of the road. Twenty minutes furthur on my drive I passed a great horned owl, also dead on the side of the road. An hour later i saw a bird get hit by a car. I stopped, it was a northern pygmy owl, died instantly. Two days later in the forest a pygmy owl looked down at me from a tree. I noticed her after her feather flew down onto my path. Coming home I found out there had been a death in the family while I was away.


This morning I had a short dream which I remeber vividly. I was walking through a park when I came upon a old style bar fence, when I look through the bars i saw this giant white owl standing in about 4 feet tall grass yet it 's head still was visible over the grass. Then it look straight at me, and then took flight and was slowly landing on top of me when i stuck my arm out it landed on it. Its feathers were so white and soft, that i couldn't believe that this magnificiant creature is by my side. i was in total amazement of this creature.


Today i walked with gray spotted owl. She came to tell me to watched for three days my dreaming, and i would receive my messages. My lineage is shamanka and the great goddess who rules over the night and night bird, winged dreamers of the owl are part of our medicine womens' tradition. Poland is matriarchal in its story and grandmothers for generations have shared owl wisdom. She of the night, the moon with her consort the day, the sun rule the sky together. Mother Earths sister is the moon in which the great owl is her messenger. She brings dreams to those who are able to walk among the stars and she brings dreams for those who teach the ways of the midnight dreams of the land that once lived under peace when they listen and are observant of her teachings. For three nights i will receive messages in my dreams, astral travel and dream walk for the collective shamanka work i do on earth, which is to begin to align the and prepare the electro-magnetic field clearings at ancient sacred sites around the world. Owl comes to me when i am to receive the holy trinity of the great mother dreaming and her wisdom.


I grew up knowing. And generally like all kinds of birds, so I was not at all surprised to dream of a bird. And I have had prophecy dreams often, never knowing if it was a prohecy or a rerun of the days happenings. Then one night I "dreamt" of the white owl. Bam! I was in a leafy green tree in a mass of trees. Was I a bird? No it was me; no sooner did I think that thought when a large bird dropped into flight from a tree in the distance and flew directly and rapidly towards me. It landed on my left shoulder and cuddled very closely in the crook of my neck. I could feel the warm white feathers radiating heat. It was a plump white owl. Very heavy on my shoulder, pristine very soft and warm. I asked myself-why am I dreaming this? And awoke! I felt like I had a visit from a wonderful friend. Charmed that a wild bird would feel so open to me.

I later checked for an explanation but the comments seemed much like other mundane assessments. So, it didn't seem phophetic at all.

I lost track of when I had the dream but within the same year I experienced a sudden death cadiac arrest. I was in the 5% survival rate! My doctor couldn't figure out why I experieced tachacardia as my heart was fine. He implanted an ICD with Pacemaker on my left side close to the armpit. Wires attach to my heart ready to shock me if needed. I think I know why the White Owl came to me in my dream! Exactly where the Owl landed and closely cuddeled next to me is where the doctor placed the ICD!

I guess our answers are there if we just look hard enough? Comments please...


today i went outside to my backyard and i saw a white owl staring at me from the telephone wire then i told my parents and it flew away wat does that mean??


generally, when owl comes to you she brings a message. though it rarely clear upon first encounter. i would continue to study owl a little closer and listen for what she brings. best.


this morning i had an amazing dream. i was sitting on a beach at night during a full moon. all of a sudden i saw an owl swooping down in the sky until it was right in front of me. it completely faced me in the sky, opened it's wings so that the moonlight fully illuminated it's beautiful white feathers that looked silvery in the moonlight, looked me right in the eye & hovered in the sky until it gently landed right in front of me on the sand. i was amazed that this creature had chosen me & was so clearly directing it's energy toward me. the owl wasn't very large...maybe 2 feet tall, but still majestic. we looked at each other for a spell and then it took flight & again posed in the moonlight before leaving me. what does this mean? i am left with a sense of wonderment & happiness. i have just gone through a very dark period in my life and have begun studying & trying to practice aspects of buddhism and have been feeling like i am ready for my life to begin again. have i been told that it's time? i was once told by a shaman that my animal guide is an eagle, but now i wonder if he meant the 'night eagle' also known as owl.

il bifolco...sasha

today i dream about a white owl whoc ames to me and sit on my arm...and together we went through the wood to a big house in the mountain where i found some friends waiting me and some others comes after when the owl left... what's the meaning? i forgot some friends in the walking of my life???
I never saw a white owl in nature how he comes into my dreams???


I had a dream last night that I was sitting in my white car, and huge white owls facing away from me were floating down all over the car. From what I have read on the beliefs of this particular dream aren't good. Can anyone tell me if the fact that they were facing away from me is significant?

julie de cadenet

last night i had another dream about owls.,I had dreamt previously I was being chased with a protective owl over my head and that owl was captured in my place and i had then to search for him in a church where he was buried in a casket
this time i enountered a large grey owl in a cage. he looked at me intently and i released him through an open window with then a longing for him to return.. he did not return but many other owls did they filled the open cage and the room and told me to be patient and wait for his return.. later in the dream i found myself crying


Night 1:
I have rarely seen an owl in my life of 26 years. Maybe once or twice in NatGeo channel and yes once for sure in Harry Potter's movie. It was a frightening dream. Well I was not actually scared but the sight of a huge white cute owl sitting on my window pane amused me. I was trying to shoo it off the window pane. It will not fly off. It keeps coming towards me as if its not scared of humans, as if its a pet and is used to the human surroundings. It was not the only bird, it had a friend, another white cute huge owl, but it was airborne, hovering over the sky, keeping an eye on its pal that now started to scare the sh*t out of me. I was unable to understand why it was happening. I could see the bird so clearly, in every possible detail. Never in my life i had seen an owl so close. I woke up wondering why such a dream. It was weird. Very weird.
Night 2:
I am sure tonights dream has got some link to the dream i had last night. I was talking to my girlfriend at about 10 pm and was tired, had a long day. I had a short nap while i was talking to her. Weird, but i was driving a motorcycle i used to own, and found myself between two city buses, crossing each other. There was a cement divider along the 4 lane road, suddenly i could feel the pain on my head, it was like the pain you experience when you fall on your head. I could see losing my balance and crashing my head on the road divider while the oncoming city bus crushed me. At this point yes i realized i was talking to my girlfriend, and told her what happened. She said maybe i was too tired and hallucinating. I too thought so. Then out of curiosity i googled my dream only to find, seeing an owl in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, insight and virtue but it is also synonymous with death and darkness. I had the shock of my life when i read it, after browsing several websites, i came across SlackTide and read a few dreams, Immediately i started typing what i had gone through. Hope its not any bad omen. Phew!


As I was walking down the grocery aisle at Target, I suddenly felt a swoop of wind above my head... I ducked and felt the brush of feathers over my head. I looked up and saw nothing. An employee was stocking in the aisle and I told her that I felt a bird try to land on my head. She said, "Oh it's an owl". We don't know how it got in here?


Wondering if anyone can help me, a couple of years ago, I was driving home at night and noticed an owl swoop down into the light my headlights were casting. This owl was flying the same direction I was traveling. As I was about to make my turn into my driveway this owl landed on a branch of this big oak tree in my front yard. I got out of my truck and was able to stand within five meters of this beautiful animal. We stood there and stared at each other for a good 20 minutes, this owl was hooting at me as well. After some time I decided to respect this owl’s space and walked slowly inside my home. I do not remember if it was a Bard owl or an eastern screech. The next night I was sitting at my dining room table and heard the hooting again. I walked outside and this same owl was perched on my deck railing. I walked out to it and again got within five yards, and we both stared at each other again for some time. This time the owl flew to a tree nearby, and I walked over to it again and we studied each other. The funny thing about this my girlfriend at the time walked quietly up behind me to see what I was doing and to see this owl for herself. (she thought I was crazy for telling her what happened) no sooner did she get within 10 yards of me the owl took off in flight right over my head never seeing this owl again. Since then my parents have a pair of bard owls that nest in their back yard and they will perch themselves on the power lines, sometimes there would be up to 5 owls perched on these lines. My father and I would sit there and watch these owls hunt for bugs and other pray right in front of us. Since then I have had strong spiritual bond to owls and feel there is a reason as to why I have seen so many and had that close encounter with one. After reading some of the other posts I felt I needed to share this experience. If anyone has any insight as to what this may mean or anything I would be very grateful


I had a dream i was at place i thought was my home(i get confused in my dreams) it had two pools with cement walk ways throught hem it was like a screen room..there were lots of people i did not know there and when i looked in the right side of the pool i saw a white kitten drowning i went to jump in but saw the water was vile and green so i did not jump in to save the kitten.then i remember seeing the kitten on the other side to where i could pick it right up when i picked it up i looked at it and it loooked lkike a snowy white owl i hugged the creature and it hooed cuddling next to my chest and i felt warth and radaince and love from this -then it flew away and i woke up feeling different but i can not figure out exactly what it means?

Elva Dorward

This was too weird I was woken up last night about 4:00 in the morning by a banging on my window in my bedroom which startled me and my cats. It was like something was trying to get throught the window or something!! The snow had been falling for about 4 or 5 days and it was so cold!! I pulled up the blind and there was a beautiful white owl. It had its wings spread apart trying to hang onto the part of the window frame!! It was so shocking I felt like we stared at each other for about 2 or 3 minutes until it flew away. It upset me, not that I was scared at all I felt like it maybe it was looking for my help or something I really can't explain it.
this was a spiritual experiance for me I feel so blessed to have been able see this great white bird so close, and forwhatever reason it chose my window! How can you explain this?


This morning I had finished a run and was walking with my friend up the road. It was still dark outside and in the sky a beautiful yellow full moon was setting. I caught a glimpse of something seeming to fly towards me. I knew it looked different than any other bird to me and it was strange because it was still dark and the bird was flying low as it on a direct trajectory toward me. It landed in the road about 6 or so feet away. We stopped to look and it was a small white owl. It had flown from a big oak tree in someone's yard and landed there...we stood and looked at the owl delightfully as he looked at us...then just as he came he flew back to the tree and perched on the side of it continuing to watch us as we walked on. It was almost as if it left the tree to come say hello and then went back.
I had a dream about 15 years ago about an owl and a hawk that was life changing...I can't explain it but it was encouraging and motivating. I always remember that dream when I think of all I've accomplished it was like a catalyst for me.
My grandfather always told me that his grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee...so I've always been interested in Native American folklore. My grandfather used to tell me all kinds of little things about nature and our relationship to it, and different little superstitous things that I later found out are related to some NA folklore.

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