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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


dog 2

I've spent the last four years trying to create a garden that attracts wildlfe. I've planted large trees, and dense plant beds, and banned the use of all chemicals.

Despite the four very large dogs we have in residence I've been able to attract squirrels, snakes, birds, lizards, and possum. Early one morning, not too long ago, I found an owl sitting on a wire above our yard. It was then that I knew my efforts were quite successful, indeed.




This evening on my way home from work, I had a great horned owl fly out from the roadside and travel up the road ahead of me for 50 yeards or so. I loved it! I have no clue what it means but I do know that I've always had a love of them (even rescued one from the highway). Often, they have come near to my house at night and called to each other for long periods. I also love crows.


I stayed up very late one night (several nights actually) studying - nursing school. When I finally laid down, a vision of a snowy owl came to me, hovering over my bed. As I stared at its face, I lifted out of my body and travelled closer to the owl. When I reached a point about 18 inches away, its face turned into the face of a 15th century Dutch woman, then changed into another face, and another, etc. The faces changed rapidly and I realized that they were my faces from past lives. I wanted to gaze longer into each face, but wasn't allowed to - it was frustrating. The following three nights an owl came to my house and began hooting between 3 and 5 am. I know that the owl is bringing a message but it is unclear. Clues?

Lisa Bryan

I would like to know, if an owl stops in front of your car and glares at your headlights, with it's wings out, and then in a few seconds flies away...what could this mean?


I dreamt of a dying white owl, what does it mean?


Last night i was walking around the block. On the first lap i looked up to see an owl sitting on a street sign staring at me, it then flew past me looking straight into my eyes. The second lap the exact same thing happened in the same spot...i know this would mean something, but what?


I have recently completed a course where I learned to connect with the Realms of Light and a name came to me which was Great White Owl and the message I had to deliver was "The work being done here is of great benefit to all beings". I have for years wanted to connect with Spirit and now looking up Great White Owls on the net. I knew this message came from a Native Americal Indian although I dont know from which nation. I find this bizarre as I am a white anglo Australian.

owl woman

Owl is my birth totem and I feel very connected. I think as more wisdom is revealed in the coming days more people will become owl people...just open your heart.

christine roswog

what does it mean when an owl flys in front of your car?


generally, when owl comes to you she brings a message. though its rarely clear upon first encounter. i would continue to study owl a little closer and listen for what she brings. best.

silvia jastram

The falcon is my power animal, but since an important transition in my life, owls have gently appeared, even in my home region where they are very rare (south of Venezuela). I also have been having powerful dreams, particularly one in which I saw myself as two diferent girls, one adapted to family life, and one unknown and unseen to the rest... I related it to your text about owls being comfortable with the shadow world... eg.. our own shadow... thank you, inspiring work!


owls and falcons are closely related, like cousins - one in the daylight, another for the night. thanks for your comments and story.


To say her message is not clear on the first attempt is an understatement. Two daytime owls this spring called to each other and showed themselves to me. At the time I was interested in nature photography, but had been told I was on a Vision Quest by two differant people. How right they were. This was in early May. Since then I have been contacted by many many energies, beings, and symbols. What a journey! May you see the Spirit in Everything! Woo Hoo, Uguku hoo hoo u u!

Rebbecca + Samantha

what does it mean when a owl appears in my backyard


As I walked out with the dog at 5:30 this morning I heard a hoot.Thinking maybe it's a morning dove as I never see owls by my house we walked under the light post and something fell in front of me.I looked down and saw bird dropings.As we crossed the street I looked back and saw two owls on the light post in front of my house.I started to shake as I know that owls take souls over to the spirit world.The owls flew away as I watched them.Crossing back over the street one owl flew right over head about 12 feet from my head.Getting the dog back into the house I ran outside to look around and saw the owl land on my roof.

kent voss

same thing happened to a neighbor and i as we were lingering outside on late summer nite- we heard to owl calling back and forth in sing song- one near and one far.....then after a few minutes or so this brilliant white angelic looking owl launched himself in our direction. towards, but 35 ft up where it drifted with great speed and agility inches above the gutter of the house & disappeared. i am fairly logical rational cat but there was a sense of pre-destiny....you know that feeling you get that you just cant find the right words for. so whas up? why us? who has the glossary of omens or symbols ?

Northern Butterfly woman

As of lately, in the daytime, at 2 different areas of town, I've seen owls.
I live close to a river and on many occasions while alking by Lab, I see this owl.
I feel as though I've lost connection with the Creator as I'm experiencing stress-leave. But last week, as I was skating in a park, I heard two owls calling out. I spotted them and was mimmicking their call and they were calling back.
Today, I managed to get a picture of the owl that graces my daily walk with mt dog. I feel there is a message for me, but what exactly?


owl seems to follow me~ just the other night i had an owl at 2am on the roof of my house near my bedroom window~
then another night i walked outside at about 9pm and there was an owl on my lawn looking right at me-at first i thought it was a lare cat-instead it was an owl- it flew off-
then another night i had a dream of two owls sitting together on a tree one was white in color the other was large and grey in color-
no idea why the owls around me now- any suggestions-


Tuesday night, an owl swooped down in front of my car. My thought was how lucky I was to have seen an owl. Two nights later, when my husband was driving my car and I was in another vechile a few minutes behind him, the owl (or another owl flying in the same stretch of road) flew into my car and it died. I saw it in the road and turned around to be sure it was an owl. I put it into a box and gave it to a girl who gives the animals a burial when in tact (this one was) or uses the parts for totems. She suggested I look into owl medicine. Is there a message here?


what does it mean when an owl flys in front of your car? Me and my friend seen it but not my other friend. it was brown and huge.

Wendy Padilla

Owl has long been part of my medicine, strong enough to have great influence in my writing. My writing partner and I have recently published an exciting adventure.

If any one is interested I would ask them to follow the Santa Fe trail to The Medicine of the White Owl at:

Animal totems are medicine at work; just pay attention and the message will be revealed.


I recently had a shamanic journey done and the gray owl and the snake were revealed to me as power animals. I have had several powerful dreams of snakes recently, but none of owls that I can recall. However, this spring I heard several owls, it sounded like 3-4 calling to each other on the mountain behind my home. Last winter one came down to my house several times and would sit in the trees or on my garden fence and one time I came home and saw her on my lawn. A couple of months ago I was walking in the woods with a friend and we saw an owl up in a tree during the day. We walked to the base of the tree and could see her swivel her head around and then she dropped her head straight down and stared at us for a long time. She did not fly away. Finally we left. The night before the shamanic journey was done for me, I was outside with my sheep when the owl called loudly from directly above me. It was startling and so I walked around a little to see if I could see her silhouetted against the sky. She called several times and finally I saw her lift off and fly first in one direction then the other...it was dusk and so I only saw her against the sky.

I don't know what all this means as I am new to this type of spiritual work. But I sense a greater meaning to it all. Laura in VT


for 10 minuets yesterday my boyfriend i were talking on land we have in Wyoming. Down in a treed gulch we had wondered daydreaming of a home we are to build there. The conversation over he turned away but 10 feet in front of me was an embankment full of wild shrubs and trees. In silence it came out of the trees. i couldn't speak i just watched my life unfold in this great birds showing of itself. I have questions, desperate to understand the meaning. Only I saw the owl. It watched us for 10 minuets before taking flight.


Two months ago my 45 year old husband died suddenly from a ruptured esophegas. My son and I saw a large brown owl land in the back yard and stare at us. . Then he flew up to a tree and stared at us again until we left the window.This happened a couple of days after my husbands death. What is the message? Could it have been my husbands spirit or just the message that he is alive and well in the spirit world? anyone please email if you know the answer. Iridea76shovelhead@msn.com

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